What Do We Tell Our Kids About Las Vegas?

As Moms, what do we tell our children regarding the Las Vegas shooting?  I was personally in Las Vegas the day before this incident took place.  I walked by this crazy man’s window at least 20 times in the days prior to this shooting spree.    Waking up to the news and to my two beautiful daughters, I went into some sort of depression, confusion anger and outrage all at the same time.  I knew I could have so easily been a part of this tragedy personally.   And if so, these two girls would be left here….without a mother.   I cannot imagine the actual victims and their families’ grief.  Have you spoken with your children about this?  What are the right things to say?   The wrong things to say?  How do we prepare them for this world in which they are going to see more and more tragedies taking place around them?

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