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Hey you stylist moms…I’m curious to know what your favorite hair products are to use in your salon? Can you share your thoughts and help us busy moms out? What works best for on-the-go? What products will help keep our hair healthy? Oh yeah…and maybe check out the post on the hair wand and let us know what you think.

I have thin hair, and Nioxin is a product that works great for me.

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  1. I have a lovely hairdresser and she gives me good tips;
    Don’t use conditioner everyday- makes your hair limp.
    Don’t use conditioner for a few washes before colouring your hair – the colour takes better.
    After straightening your hair, spray some hairspray on your hair brush and brush through your hair – helps with the baby hairs, fine hairs.

    1. kileywag1

      Great tips! I feel like conditioner does more damage than good to my hair at times, so I try to use every other day. Any specific products that she recommends?

      1. She hasn’t recommend any specific products but when buying shampoo try and get one that has little or no sulphates.

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