My daughter had a soccer tournament last week.  It rained THE ENTIRE DAY.  As a rookie soccer mom, I went to the tournament wearing Toms shoes.  After six hours on the wet, soggy soccer field, I have learned my lesson to pay close attention to the weather and to the shoes attire for the day.  I also learned that they do NOT call off soccer games for RAIN!  I joked with the other moms who had done the same thing the year before.  We decided that wearing the wrong shoes to soccer is a MANDATORY NEW SOCCER MOM INITIATION PROCESS!

2 Thoughts to “ROOKIE SOCCER MOM”

  1. kileywag1

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  2. Jenny Reed

    I only have 1 child but I wear many hats. Dance mom, Girl Scout mom, PTA Fall Festival coordinator, Art Instructors, etc, but my favorite is Soccer Mom. My daughter is 10 and we have been to plenty of tournaments. Extreme Heat, Weekend of Heavy rain and mud pits, freezing Cold with Snow flying and inside games which always seem to have the arrival time @ 6am. Through it all see her push herself and get excited for her team is all worth it. It’s heartbreaking to be a working mom that can’t see every game. You have the guilt of not being there even though it is a 1 small game a couple days after u have attended a weekend full of soccer with soaked clothes bags and shoes…( for the comment above.. The right shoes are a must! If not 2 pairs) If your daughter sticks with it , you’ll join the crazy club of have a Soccer Pod.. Lol if you don’t know what that is. Definitely Google it.. It’s hysterical, but during those long weekend between game u will be jealous of the crazy moms that got one.. Lol

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