How Do You Do Disney?

Alright busy moms.. I need your help.  I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World in Orlando for four days with my kids. Their ages are 11 and 9.  I’ve researched hotels, deals, tickets, flights, etc and I’m completely overwhelmed.  Too many options!!! I need your advice!!! PLEASE!  How have you done Disney in the past?  What will you do different next time!  What’s the best place to go for deals?  Mouse Savers?  AAA? Local travel agents? DIY Disney planning?  Please share your Disney planning story with us, including best resorts and all the must-do’s and don’ts.

One Thought to “How Do You Do Disney?”

  1. kileywag1

    Well..sometimes you just gotta “wing it”. We arrived at Animal Kingdom two days after the new Flight of the Avatar opened. We were WAY to late to plan on getting fast passes, as I did not even realize this was a new ride until two weeks before our trip. We left our hotel at 6:30 a.m. to catch a bus to the park. The “gates opened” at 7:15 to let everyone into the park. A herd of people ran directly to the newly opened Pandora section of the park, where we waited in line until 8:00 for it to open. As I waited in line, I noticed there were about fifty people in front of us. When I turned around, there were AT LEAST 650 people behind waiting in line. Somehow we managed to get on and off of the Flight of Avatar by 8:45, at which point the wait time for the ride was 190 minutes long! It had gotten up to 290 minutes that day… That’s 5 hours! It WAS an amazing ride. It was honestly probably the best ride I’ve ever been on at Disney. I would not stand in line for five hours for ANYTHING, but I would probably stand in line for 1 1/2 to ride it again. Highly Highly recommended by MY BUSY MOM.

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