How many moms out there have the Elf as a visitor in your house during the holidays? Where have you found that sneaky little thing hiding? Our elf always shows up the day after Thanksgiving and stays around until Christmas Eve. He returned this year with a note that said “Let’s play hide and seek.” My girls LOVE looking for this elf every morning. Share with us some of your favorite Elf on the Shelf stories. I think this is such a fun thing to do with your kids 🙂 Other moms don’t agree. What do you think?

2 Thoughts to “THANKS FOR VISITING!”

  1. Busy VT Mom

    We have an elf and she is always getting into trouble, bringing little gifts or hiding some place. Last night, she got some pals together and took a bunch of selfies with the girls kindles! 🙂

  2. Kiley

    Question though…when does your elf go back to the North Pole for good? Ours leaves Christmas Eve. What fun and quirky things did your elf do this year?

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