There Is No Good Reason Why Clothes Have to Match

Children say what they see.  They state the obvious.  This may seem naive and pointless to adults, but quite often, statements about plain truths lead to real breakthroughs.  While adults are furiously overthinking an issue, kids are underthinking it.  After all, an idea doesn’t need to be ingeniously complex or clever to be first-rate.  In fact, the best ideas are usually ones that make us wonder, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” -Cynthia L. Copeland


Little kids have a refreshing lack of awareness and concern about what others think about them.  They entertain unconventional ideas and are not afraid of being embarrassed.  Kids often come up with remarkably clever ideas because of this.  And that’s why  every good brainstorming session should include a few participants under the age of five. (Cynthia L. Copeland)