Tips from a Salon Professional Mom

For styling thin hair- you first need to figure out your face shape. For a thin face you can add width with curled, waved, or messy hair. When it comes to a fuller or wider face you may look better with smoother hair styles. Most often thinner hair looks best above the collar. You can add an illusion of thickness with a swing bob or lob. If you feel that you must have long hair they have great hair extension options clip ins,tape ins, and halo. I’m obsessed with Schwarzkopf…

Salon Tips

Hey you stylist moms…I’m curious to know what your favorite hair products are to use in your salon? Can you share your thoughts and help us busy moms out? What works best for on-the-go? What products will help keep our hair healthy? Oh yeah…and maybe check out the post on the hair wand and let us know what you think. I have thin hair, and Nioxin is a product that works great for me.