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  1. My childhood friend and former yoga student approached me about doing an article on yoga and being a busy mom. So here it goes… Although 2016 started off quite chaotic with moving across the country, seven months pregnant with a 20 month old and two 80 pound German Shepherds, nothing would prepare me for the “turn” my life was about to take on April 29th, 2016. My 2 year old, Flora, had routine blood work when two hours later her doctor called me and said we needed to go to the ER and she wants to fly us to Seattle Children’s Hospital- Flora’s blood work showed cells that mimicked those of Leukemia cells and we needed to act fast. We had only been in Whitefish, Montana four months and had no family support, so they allowed us to transfer treatment to University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, in Iowa City, to be closer to Bryan’s family since Flora’s type of cancer required a 6 month in hospital treatment stay and I would need help with my one month old Lauren Poppy, born April 1st.
    Here we are, 3 months later and Flora has finished 2 out of the (hopefully only) 4 cycles. This is where yoga comes in. Ever since Flora was a baby, I always had my yoga mat in her room and every morning after she would wake I would put her down on the floor beside me as I did my deep breathing and morning stretches. Even though she was crawling all over me and I was barely able to truly get into it, I felt just the motion of me making an effort to incorporate this practice in my day and have her witness and be a part of it, even as an observer, was so important. Now, in the hospital room I will put my mat down beside her and Poppy’s crib and we will breathe, lift our arms up high and share the peace that we are able create together in that space. One of the many things that yoga teaches is you must learn to “go with the flow”. No matter what life dishes out, if you reach deep down, find a peace within yourself, you can achieve and get through anything. And if you feel you are one of the many people that has to have control and is always on edge when not, then I say to you- it is your responsibility to dig down deep within yourself, to create that sacred space that we all at some point in our life will need to call upon as a place of strength, peace and positivity.
    This is why finding a great yoga class is so important. Yes, there are great videos out there and I understand some people may be embarrassed, not want to be in public or deal with a certain time schedule. I was one of those people who felt more comfortable at home, where no one could see me . However, there is one thing I couldn’t get at home, that I think is imperative to a successful practice and that is connecting with others and the opportunity for you to be challenged and corrected respectfully by someone who wants the best for you during your time together. Yoga teaches you to be not only flexible in your body but also flexible in your mind. It’s taught me to take the lows in my life and make them into challenges that I am able to overcome through positive thoughts, positive actions and sometimes just letting go of my ego. No one ever comes into a yoga class able to perfect every pose or relax during every savasana. But with practice and being able to work towards a good mental attitude you find yourself in the future able to do things and enjoy things never imagined on and off the mat.
    I tell all my new students to give your first yoga experience at least three times. The first class you will more likely feel a little out of place, everyone already knows the routine, your having to do things with your body in public you really don’t feel comfortable doing or having other people see! The second time you will know what to expect, your body will even remember and you will find yourself able to achieve some of the poses more readily now. The third time your excited to try and see how far back your leg can go now, you woke up and your back didn’t hurt, you were a little less on edge and had more patience towards your children or at work…this is yoga! The physical benefits are amazing. The way your mind processes life and food will be something that you can’t describe, it happens subconsciously. The time is now. Go unknowing, go nervous, go tired, go with wearing whatever is in your closet, just go. I never left a yoga class upset that I went. With love and light- Ali Iaquinta George

    1. kileywag1

      Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Ali! Love and prayers to you and your family. Keep us posted! If you are able to incorporate yoga into your life, than any of us busy moms can do it!

  2. Wow you really are a true inspiration. I have been thinking of trying yoga for a while but as kiley said if you can find time with all you have going on then there’s no reason I can’t. I wish your family all the best in the future x

  3. MK

    You are such an inspiration Ali! Love and prayers sweet girl!

  4. Cheri

    Thank you for sharing! This may just get me to go and try yoga, it sounds like it could help me. Prayers for you and your family.

  5. Shelly

    Ali, Thank you for your post. We are thinking and praying everyday for you guys! Give Flora and Poppy a kiss from me and JerrBear!

  6. Christine


    You are truly an inspiration! All of you are!
    I just wanted to add that there are even yoga classes for those of us who may have physical limitations; knee replacement or back injury for example. If you are in this category, don’t let your physical limitations stop you from enjoying the benefits yoga/stretching will absolutely bring to your day to day life! Do what you can do, skip what you shouldn’t do & stretch yourself! Praying for your precious family Ali!


  7. jaclyn

    loved reading your post, thanks for sharing!!

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