Have You Ever Written a Check at a Fast Food Drive Thru?

I HAVE! The kids and I made a last minute quick stop at Dairy Queen on the way home the other day.  As I grab our order, I realize that I forgot my wallet at the house.  “UGH.”  So, with ice cream in hand, and two excited girls sitting in the car with me, I look down and see my checkbook.  “Will you take a check?”  I ask the nice young lady inside. They did.  How embarrassing.  Please share your embarrassing mom moments!

Bored Kids? Check out these 50 low cost summer fun activities

Summer is here, and if you’re anything like me, you love to entertain the kids while they are out of school. While it would be nice to take your kids to the movies, bowling alley and theme parks every day, this all could add up fast, unless you have an endless budget, which, if I had to guess, you probably don’t. To keep your kids entertained for a low, low price, here are 50 ideas you may want to take advantage of. – by Stephanie Lynch Touring the fire house:…