The Pill

This one has been on my mind a lot lately, and I’m just going to jump right to the issue.  My oldest daughter is turning 12 next month and has started her period.  A close family friend had a daughter who is 17 and just had a baby, so of course my mind is racing.   At what age should you put your daughter on birth control pills?

There Is No Good Reason Why Clothes Have to Match

Children say what they see.  They state the obvious.  This may seem naive and pointless to adults, but quite often, statements about plain truths lead to real breakthroughs.  While adults are furiously overthinking an issue, kids are underthinking it.  After all, an idea doesn’t need to be ingeniously complex or clever to be first-rate.  In fact, the best ideas are usually ones that make us wonder, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” -Cynthia L. Copeland


Alright….what is this slime making phase all about and when will it ever end?  For months now, I find myself buying elmer’s glue, shaving cream, food coloring, eye contact solution, and detergent more than I ever have in my life.   – It’s the SLIME phase!!  I don’t remember this being a “thing” when we were kids, but apparently it is today, and I’m not so sure it will ever die.   I have found slime laying around everywhere in my house.   At one point, I found slime on my dog!    In…