Little kids have a refreshing lack of awareness and concern about what others think about them.  They entertain unconventional ideas and are not afraid of being embarrassed.  Kids often come up with remarkably clever ideas because of this.  And that’s why  every good brainstorming session should include a few participants under the age of five. (Cynthia L. Copeland)

How Do You Do Disney?

Alright busy moms.. I need your help.  I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World in Orlando for four days with my kids. Their ages are 11 and 9.  I’ve researched hotels, deals, tickets, flights, etc and I’m completely overwhelmed.  Too many options!!! I need your advice!!! PLEASE!  How have you done Disney in the past?  What will you do different next time!  What’s the best place to go for deals?  Mouse Savers?  AAA? Local travel agents? DIY Disney planning?  Please share your Disney planning story with us,…