OK Mom, slow down for a minute

I’m a busy, working mom of two daughters. Our lives are hectic! Let’s face it. Sometimes we just need a minute to relax and connect with other mothers. I’ve been working as a CPA for sixteen years. My daughters are 14 and 12.  We are in to soccer, cheerleading, gymnastics, singing lessons, swim team, cross country and show choir. After a full day of running, I need a minute to relax, as I’m sure you do as well. Join me in sharing your stories, laughs, tragedies and awesome experiences with your…


KIDZ FIT YOGA Kid’s yoga is an incredible way for children to grow strength, build balance and improve coordination and confidence.  This is done by using a mixture of adventurous stories, movement, learning and fun! The Benefits of Kid’s Yoga: Grows Confidence Promotes a Healthy Body Improves Concentration Helps Manage Stress Through Breathing Techniques Promotes Inclusivity Introduces Kids to Mindfulness Teaches Through Stories and Song Improves Coordination and Balance Visit our Facebook Page